As a business we seek to minimise our food waste – this is done in numerous ways:


We produce the fillings to the orders placed – All sandwich manufacturers buy in premade sandwich fillings; at Pure Foods we have taken a different approach – We produce ALL our own fillings. This sets us apart from the crowd, meaning we prepare the fillings for our sandwiches daily. This helps to reduce our food waste because we only produce the amount of filling required for that day. This not only ensures that the sandwich you eat is a fresh as can be, but also reduces our food wastage. As a business we have removed Sale or Return to all customers, we felt that when the individual business had to take ownership of the wastage, they controlled it better.


By-products of manufacture – We have looked to try and use every by-product that we can through manufacture again to reduce our food waste, a few examples of this are:

The ends of the tomatoes – These should never go in a sandwich but are perfect as the base for our House made tomato passata that goes in our Hot Wrap range.

The ends of the loaves of bread – As a business we buy thousands of loaves of bread and normally these would be thrown away, not at Pure Foods. We collect them daily, lightly toast them in our ovens and then blitz them into breadcrumbs. These are then used to pane our chicken for items such as the Peri Peri Chicken and used in our Falafel recipe.


Currently we are looking to turn the liquid produced when we soak our chickpeas into a Vegan Mayo!

97% of our waste is recycled, we separate cardboard, tins, glass, and food – in our purpose-built recycling centre we had built in 2015.

With these factors combined here are the headline food wastage figures:


Every sandwich we
is sold

Average wastage across our sites

We donate  all unsold sandwiches to
Dens Homeless Shelter

Left-over sandwich fillings per week


This food then goes
into the Power Knot
food digestor



Working with local suppliers whenever possible, this helps to reduce our carbon footprint as well as supporting our local community.


Ensuring our suppliers have a rigorous Ethics and Sustainability policy.


Putting the employee first – At Pure Foods we work with our employees to ensure their happiness at work – so when a member of staff returns from maternity leave, we will ask them to create their own rota to make sure this flexibility works for their home life. This satisfaction at work can be best demonstrated through staff retention – currently the average employment length at Pure Foods 8 ½ years.


Reducing the amount of single use plastic through our supply chain – One example of this is salad items – We collect almost daily from Great Western International Market, our supplier has been tasked to try whenever possible to give us unwrapped products such as cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and sugar snap peas.


The use of palm oils – After much research we have found that the complete banning of palm oils in the business is possibly not the best option – The W.W.F ( accessed on 14/06/22, 16:39 pm)  suggests the RSPO or similar groups. Therefore, the few suppliers we have been given a few months to organise an ethical supply of palm oil, before we seek alternative supply.



Regular staff training and discussions as standard


Ensuring that our food is healthy, fresh, and nutritious – This means that we don’t add preservatives and E numbers to try and artificially extend the life our fillings. The fillings are micro tested, but the shelf life is determined through the most important test – Sensory – Does the product still look attractive, does it still smell nice and most importantly does it still taste great. This is how we set our shelf life of products. By only buying fresh unprocessed meats in the business, we can ensure the product you buy is giving you maximum nutrition and minimum preservatives, salts and E numbers.


Currently we are developing a QR code specific to each product – This exciting development will allow the end user to get a brief story behind the creation of the product. This unique development in the sandwich grab and go sector, will for the first time show the customer how the product was created from the kitchen to the café!